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Thursday 2 July 2015

2014/2015 Third Quarter Sales: +22.5%

2014/2015 Third Quarter Sales: +22.5%

Strong growth in motorhome sales: +34.8%

financial year
financial year
Leisure Vehicles Q1 (Sept-Nov) 210.0 193.5 +8.5
Q2 (Dec-Feb) 208.7 176.1 +18.5
Q3 (March-May) 281.7 222.3 +26.7
Total as at end of May 700.4 591.6 +18.3
Leisure Equipment Q1 (Sept-Nov) 30.6 28.0 +9.0
Q2 (Dec-Feb) 29.7 27.8 +7.0
Q3 (March-May) 57.8 54.9 +5.3
Total as at end of May 118.1 110.7 +6.7
Total Q1 (Sept-Nov) 240.6 221.6 +8.6
Q2 (Dec-Feb) 238.4 203.8 +17.0
Q3 (March-May) 339.5 277.2 +22.5
Total as at end of May 818.5 702.6 +16.5

Leisure Vehicles
Trigano continues to outperform the motorhome market which confirms its recovery in Europe (registrations up 8.3% from January to May). In the third quarter, sales increased 28.8% at constant perimeter and 34.8% including Rimor activity over two months (contribution of €9.9 M). For the nine first months of the financial year, motorhome sales are up 22.7%.

Caravan (+23.3%) and accessories for leisure vehicles sales (+7.9%), increasing sharply in the third quarter, posted both 3.5% growth over nine months.
In line with expectations, static caravan deliveries (-24.8% in the third quarter; YTD: -9.0%) are down due to the continued negative trend of the French market.

Leisure equipment
Despite the lack of economical recovery in France, the Leisure Equipment activity remained well oriented. Trailers sales increased by 7.6% (YTD: +6.6%), camping equipment sales increased by 6.7% (YTD: +10.1%) whereas garden equipment sales (-0.4%) remained stable in the third quarter (YTD: +5.7%).


At the end of the cycle of presentations of the new motorhome ranges to the distribution networks, Trigano should record growth in orders by approximately 20% (mainly exhibition models).

Trigano, whose workforce increased end of May by 515 people (+12.1%) over one year, will step up its capital expenditure programme to meet this demand and to gain benefits from the end of the crisis prospect.

At the same time, integration and development programmes of Luano Camp (Rimor) will be continued in order to bring the results of this company at the level of that of the group as early as 2016.

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