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Thursday 22 September 2016

2015/2016 Sales

2015/2016 Sales : 1.3 Billion Euros (+22.5%)

Thanks to a continuing solid momentum of leisure vehicles and trailers sales, Trigano recorded €285.7M turnover in the fourth quarter, up 11.1%.


from 06/01/16 to 08/31/16 (€M)

from 06/01/15 to 08/31/15 (€M)

Change at constant perimeter
Leisure vehicles 244.4* 213.8 +14.3* +14.3*
Leisure equipment 41.3* 43.3 -4.6* -4.6*
Sales 285.7* 257.1 +11.1* +11.1*
* : Non-audited figures

Motorhome sales (+13.2%), caravan sales (+18.3%) and static caravan sales (+110.7%) benefited from markets growth, high level of exhibition models order backlog (motorhomes and caravans), and some late orders (static caravans). Deliveries of accessories for leisure vehicles (+7.7%) and trailers (+3.7%) remained also well-oriented. In contrast, camping (-16.4%) and garden equipment (-17.9%) activities were impacted by unfavourable climatic conditions in the fourth quarter.

In 2015/2016, Trigano pursued its strong growth: sales exceeded 1.3 Billion Euros.

FY 2016

from 09/01/15 to 08/31/16 (€M)

from 09/01/14 to 08/31/15 (€M)


Change at constant perimeter
Leisure vehicles 1,151.5* 914.2 +26.0* +21.6*
Leisure equipment 165.8* 161.4 +2.7* +2.7*
Sales 1,317.3* 1,075.6 +22.5* +18.8*
* : Non-audited figures

Leisure vehicles

Trigano clearly outperformed the European motorhome market again in 2015/2016 with sales up 27.6% (+22.2% at constant perimeter). This performance was due to improvement in commercial organisations and investment in production capacities aiming at serving markets better in an end-of-crisis context.
Caravan sales, up 19.2% over the financial year, confirmed their recovery while sales of accessories for leisure vehicles (+11.7%) recorded a significant increase in demand in Germany and in the Netherlands.
Static caravan deliveries (+52.2%) benefited from the recovery in investment of camping sites owners in France and from a solid development of export sales.

Leisure equipment

Growth in trailers sales (+5.2% over the year) was due to gains in market shares, especially in Spain, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.
Camping (+3.9%) and garden equipment (-4.7%) sales were affected by unfavourable climatic conditions by the peak of the season.


The further increase in sales to individuals on the first national shows validates the favourable feedback by the distribution networks to new ranges of Trigano leisure vehicles. The record level of order backlogs, supported by the confirmation of the good performance of European motorhome markets, allows considering a further growth in sales for the financial year 2016/2017.

During next years, Trigano will continue its investment policy aiming at meeting the growing demand and gaining market shares by offering increasingly competitive and innovative products. The plant enlargements of Grimsby (United Kingdom) and Atessa (Italy) will be operational in the next days. The extensions of the sites of Brantôme (France), Panissières (France) and Peñiscola (Spain) should be implemented during the financial year 2016/2017.

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