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The Strategic Committee

The Management Board's internal regulations, as defined by the Supervisory Board, established a Strategy Committee. The purpose of this Committee is to enrich the Management Board's reflection on the Group's management, the definition and conduct of its policy and strategy. It is an exchange body which, by issuing advisory opinions, informs the Group Management Board on the orientations to be recommended to the subsidiaries and on the indicators to be put in place in order to ensure that the subsidiaries comply with the Group's policy and strategy, taking into account changes in its environment and markets. It is made up of the heads of the main divisions of the Group's major activities, as well as the purchasing, finance, sales coordination and energy transition directors:

The Strategic Committee is composed of 12 members

Sonja Gole
General Manager
Olivier Marduel
General Manager
Trigano VDL
Gianguido Cerullo General Manager
Trigano Spa – SEA SpA
Fernando Ortiz
General Manager
Simone Niccolai
Managing Director
Luano Camp
Dave Thomas
General Manager
Auto-Trail V.R.
Michel de Verneuil
Director of

Director of Accessories
Jérôme Durand
Purchasing Director
Cédric Ratouis
Finance Director
Bertrand Noguès
Commercial Coordination Director
Alexandre Desneux
Energy Transition Director



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