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The Executive Board

Articles of association make provision for the Management Board to have between two and seven members. Members of the Management Board are appointed by the Supervisory Board and they hold a 4 year mandate. They may be renewed.

As at 31st August 2022, the Management Board has two members

St├ęphane Gigou
President of the Executive Board
50 years old, graduate from La Sapienza University in Rome in Economics and Trade. He forged a career in the automobile industry, firstly with Renault, and then with Fiat Chrysler where he held the post of General Manager of Fiat Professional before joining Trigano. He was appointed Chairman of the Management Board on 30th September 2020. He holds 50 Trigano shares.
Michel Freiche
General Manager
62 years old, graduate of EDHEC and chartered accountancy. He joined Trigano in 1988 after starting his career in an auditing firm (Ernst & Young). He holds 2,000 Trigano shares.



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